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Equipment for the challenges of our time.

The most important equipment needed for a life of service in an exciting career is the human brain and determination. The physical equipment comes with the job, but training is needed to know how to use it the moment a potential candidate walks through the door. Yes, there is on-the-job training but the basic building blocks of knowledge must be in place first. Xit2 (pronounced EXIT) training provides that knowledge.


An overview and an exciting future


Xit2 is our investment in the safety and defense of local communities


The Xit2 not-for-profit (501(c)3) corporation is organized specifically to educate and train first responders, law enforcement & civil defense professionals. In addition, Xit2 will provide grants and scholarships for engineers, all areas of mechanics and maintenance, and healthcare providers who support community stability and growth. Our focus is the education of applicants within these disciplines.


Our focus

Xit2 options focuses on teaching skills to young men and women with talent, capabilities, and a strong desire to build their community.


The Xit2 Project is “working to learn” and “learning to work”. The Project teaches a young person the qualities of personal respect through real experience, and real accomplishment, as well as through traditional education.


The Xit2 Project teaches the participant how to build a life, to build character and confidence; all the while strengthening their hope, fostering attitudes of patience, commitment and fortitude.

Xit2 seeks to teach those seeking assistance, to be of assistance, and thereby “see” there own lives through a broader perspective, a clearer lens and a more informed intellect.


The primary goal is to eradicate the ignorance that perpetuates hopelessness, demonstrating that life can be a successful adventure.


Xit2 Project encourages participants to serve with compassion, consideration and professionalism, within their chosen field. To save, protect and defend, with honor.



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               Targeted Training



We offer technical and tactical training for each of our products. This is planned to extend to a multiplicity of training and education teaching skills to young men and women with talent, capabilities, and a strong desire to build their community.


Tactical Training

  • Combat/Tactical Tracking Ops
  • IED Training
  • IED Training for First Responders
  • Simulated Explosive Devices
    • Familiarization
    • Identification
    • Detection

Counter Drug/Narcotics Training

  • Sniper Training
  • Management
  • Equipment
  • Accuracy

Civilian Training

  • Tracking
  • Hand Gun Home Defense Course
    • Legal Aspects of Handgun Ownership
    • Hands on Training

Search and Rescue/Tracking

IED Training for First Responders


Specialized training for Law Enforcement, Military and

Civilians is available through certified trainers at Tactical Edge Training Center.


Future training is planned to expand into the areas of:

• Law Enforcement • Fire Fighting Training

• Mountain Search & Rescue • EMT/Paramedic

• Medical • Life Flight-Helicopter

• Transportation Engineering • Civil Engineering

• Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

• Electro-optic Engineering• Software Integration

• Communications • Radio Transmission • Video

• Journalism • Leadership Management

• Personnel Management• Community Services

.........And more



When seeing is surviving.

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