Third Eye records surveillance evidence from a safe distance

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Safe distance surveillance and evidence gathering is easy using the Hooker Tactical Third Eye eye-cam - it's the system that does not sleep. Evidence can be streamed on a live feed back to a command center, or to even an unmarked command vehicle out of sight of the action with a SWAT team in readiness.


Ease of setup and recording is essential, a requirement that is well met with the Hooker Tactical Third Eye eye-cam system. The adjustable attachment clamp fits the eye piece of most popular spotting scopes. Other sizes are available.


The system consists of the eye-cam, an interface module, a mini DVR, a lithium ion battery pack and COFDM video transmitter.



Weighing in at just a few ounces the addition of an eye cam to an optic such as a spotting scope has little effect on the balance.

< Third Eye eye-cam > with night vision goggles. Proven in use as a military and law enforcement helmet cam and in helicopter operations for night operations.














Sniper Management Systems

The Sniper Management System uses a combination of Riflescope Eye-Cams, Spotting Scope Eye-Cams, ruggedized recorders, and secure wireless transmission equipment to send real-time video from snipers and spotters to a central command center. This unique system improves coordination between snipers and improves the decision-making process through target identification and sniper-target coordination.


Game Spotter Recording-

For big game enthusiasts, hunting documentaries, hunting television shows, or specialty hunt companies, the Spotting Scope Eye-Cam is perfect for capturing the hunt. Video recording through spotting scopes today is done by camera mounted to the

eyepiece of spotting scopes. Cameras in use block the eyepiece so that viewing through the spotting scope is no longer possible.


The Spotting Scope Eye-Cam attaches directly to the eyepiece of the spotting scope and records everything seen through the optic while still allowing the viewer to look through the scope.


Go to the downloads page for technical specifications.

Spotting Scope Applications


Swarovski spotting scopes have unique eyepieces that require special collars in order to attach the eye-cam. We currently carry collars for the Swarovski ST-80 model. Collars for additional models are currently being designed.







Night Vision Monocular

Low-lux, black and white, Third Eye eye-cams are designed to mount onto the eyepiece of night vision monoculars with dual day/night binocular versions available. The unique design of the connecting collar permits focusing the night vision goggle or monocular without removing the eye-cam. Gloved hands, adrenalin situations, or quick movements will not cause the eye-cam to disengage or lose its focus.


Sniper/Shooter Training

A Spotting Scope Eye-Cam allows immediate identification of bullet impact location on target. Trainers can quickly identify mistakes made by students and correct them on the spot without having to approach the target.


The Spotting Scope Eye-Cam, used in conjunction with the Riflescope Eye-Cam and a recording kit, create a complete package for instructors training snipers/shooters. Instructors The Spotting Scope and Riflescope Eye-Cams help expedite and refine the training process by displaying and recording everything seen through the scope by students as aim is taken

and shots are fired, as well as the impact point of the trajectory on the target.


Using any DVR or computer for display and recording,instructors see everything seen through both the spotting scope and rifle scope allowing them to easily identify problem areas and correct students on the spot. Recordings can be immediately replayed for students so they can see their own

mistakes and correct problems quickly. These recordings can be saved and archived as a way to track student progress during training.


When seeing is surviving.


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