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Specialty night vision products are designed for easy use by military and law-enforcement personnel to assist with target resolution.  The OnX2 Night Vision is a low-cost, high resolution, multi-purpose device. It is designed for use as a hand-held night vision monocular and to convert a regular rifle scope into a night vision scope. In just seconds it clamps quickly to the eyepiece end of the rifle scope and allows the user to see the target clearly at night. There is no change to point-of-aim or point-of-impact. Mounting the OnX2 to a scope can easily be done in the dark.


To accommodate for change in cheek weld to the rifle stock, a butt-stock extender is used. The shooter quickly adapts to the change and accuracy is maintained.


When the tactical need changes the OnX2 can be quickly removed from the rifle scope for use as a night vision monocular.


AN/PVS-14 (above)

In addition to the OnX2, an adapter is available for the AN/PVS-14 night vision monocular. With the OnX2 Adapter attached, the AN/PVS-14 also converts a rifle scope into a night vision scope.


General OnX2 Features/Benefits:

  • Price is lower than buying a night scope
  • Use on any existing rifle scope
  • No change to point-of-aim or point-of-impact to rifle system
  • Multi-use device
  • Use as a hand-held monocular
  • Attach (in seconds) to a rifle scope for distance nighttime viewing
  • Can be mounted and dismounted in complete darkness

Possible OnX2 uses

  • Dark building search
  • Lost person search at night
  • Nighttime target identification
  • Nighttime surveillance
  • Nighttime reconnaissance
  • Nighttime sniper use
  • Nighttime SWAT use
  • Nighttime observation to assist boat/ship navigation
  • Nighttime maritime search and rescue
  • Nighttime map reading



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