The new color Third Eye eye cam | fits most scopes

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The new Color Third Eye eye-cam

As always, our team is working to develop, manufacture and deliver the best technology to assist with your community safety and to provide safe passage from a dangerous situation.

If you have one of our eye cams and would like to get the benefits of the new camera, please contact us and we can discuss a special purchase for the newest version.


This is the new version of our Third Eye eye-cam with some exciting new features. These new features include:


<> Wide Dynamic Range: Allows the camera to correct for back lighting behind the



<> Sense Up: Camera automatically switches from high resolution color images to low lux black and white images when the ambient light drops below a certain light (0.08 lux). The camera can be locked to either setting (color or low lux) prior to assembly.


<> Enhance Color Pallet: Better definition of colors on the receiving end of the transmission or recording.


<> Digital Zoom: One to three times image zoom, a fixed setting determined prior to assembly.


<> Automatic Lens Defogger: Automatically removes fog from the camera lens only.


<> Digital Noise Reduction: Reduces the amount of pixilation on the recording or transmission when in low lux viewing.


 Cell antennas on tower ½ mile (760 meters) away.

 Microwave dish on tower ½ mile or 760 meters away.

The Third Eye eye-cam is designed to give the clearest and most dependable real time video signal at the greatest distance, to ensure the user has the most protection and the best target acquisition at distance.

When seeing is surviving.

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