The people behind the military grade technology

Equipment for the challenges of our time.

Susan Hooker, President & CEO


Susan Hooker has overcome many challenges in life in her quest to achieve the American Dream.  It is a dream, born not of hopes of great wealth but of her dream of running a business that has as its philosophy the desire to in some way create a safer world. This she has achieved in the company that now bears her name.


Her business career started out with the need to be supporting of her desire to obtain a good education. This she did with the opening of a small retail business.


It was a decision that would serve her well, paying her way through business School.  She attended the LDS Business College and learned many skills that would serve her well throughout her career. At high school she developed a love for science and had hoped to become an astrophysicist. While that hope was not to come to fruition she traveled a business path that further developed her skill-set to include hands-on management with Ford Aerospace (later Loral Command & Control).


With her hard won level of experience she was recruited by Morton Automotive. It was during this period of her life that she had earned an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Effectiveness. From there it was an easy step up to join Atwood Research in Maryland. It was this move that contributed to a major change in her life. It was while living on the eastern seaboard that she met David M. Henry, a gifted engineer, and his wife Diane. David invited Susan to join him to develop the business side of David Henry’s product development ambitions.


The rest, they say is history. Although Susan has no degrees in engineering or electro- optics, they have brought several products to market nationally and internationally that have assisted law enforcement and the military in saving lives.  As a result she has become highly knowledgeable regarding international arms trade procedures and restrictions. As a team they have stood the test of time and continue to work together developing and marketing products that are essential to visual battlefield and law enforcement communications. These surveillance systems save lives in real time, making “close observation” possible at a safe distance.


She has to a great extent achieved her dream of providing safe passage for those in distress, providing correct information for air strikes and to record the activities of those with less than honorable objectives.

David M. Henry, Chief Engineer


Mr. Henry is the chief inventor, designer and new product development engineer for Hooker Tactical Safety & Defense Equipment, Inc.  During the 20 years of the light path team’s existence, he has been the constant.  Mr. Henry has filed 2 important patents during the past 20 years. (1) The first patent approved for a true night vision innovation in 20 years and (2) a patent application for a level flight bullet design for armor piercing rounds.  Though Mr. Henry’s first love is electro-optic engineering, he is capable of all forms of defense product innovation.


Mr. Henry earned his MS degree from Utah State University and was promptly hired by the US Government based on the excellence of his work at the University.  Mr. Henry’s experience with manufacturing, manufacturing processes, and mechanical engineering demonstrates the depth of his capabilities.


Mr. Henry took the original eye cam technology, purchased at the turn of the century, and made significant design improvements to it in order to meet the high standards required for its use in the field.  A recent improvement is the addition of a small wide dynamic range (WDR) board camera.  The camera’s programmable functions were carefully selected to achieve the highest performance of an eye cam in the field.


Advancing technology and building practical electronic and electro-optic devices to assist mankind is what Mr. Henry enjoys doing the most.  Over the years he has developed excellent skills and expertise to do this effectively.  He has learned that working cooperatively with others is the best way to achieve excellent results.


He has the ability to correctly teach the processes of assembly and manufacture of eye cams as well as oversee the further research & development that will produce the selected eye cam innovations.  Mr. Henry’s expertise and ability to teach and work well with others will facilitate the transfer of the eye-cam technology.



When seeing is surviving.

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