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We customize our products to meet your needs.


We develop new products to meet your specifications.


We provide consulting and trouble shooting services to help you solve your difficult or "unsolvable" problems.



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The Science of Light Paths and its uses in communications, education, transportation as well as in safety and defense -

 A White Paper

Our products and research revolve around the concept of "light paths" and their practical implementation. Being able to control light opens up exciting possibilities; think of how far lasers and their uses have progressed. Without lasers everyday items such as CD players could not exist. The humble laser pointer that is now available for less than a dollar used to cost a hundred dollars when first introduced to the market.

Highly engineered lasers can reveal and destroy undersea mines, and destroy incoming missiles.


These are well understood uses of light paths. There is much yet to be invented that is useful to mankind. We continue to explore the boundaries and open up new light paths developing them into products.


We invite you explore with us the developments and possibilities contained in the linked White Paper.


When seeing is surviving.

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