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Parts and Accessories


Adapter sleeves

Over or under size clamps are available made to order for unusual or very specialized applications

Storage & Transport

Pelican cases are available in which to store and transport the Cast Glance Kit. It has cut foam shock liners with space for the 9VDC battery pack.


Battery Packs

Our standard rechargeable lithium ion phosphate battery packs are available.


Various adapters make the Riflescope eye-cam capable of snuggly fitting the riflescope of your choice. Two adapter sleeves are delivered with each riflescope eye cam. These two adapters will fit a majority of tactical riflescopes,


The military back packs include pouches that may be removed to use on your military vest. Each pouch holds an eye cam and is sized for that purpose. The battery pack and the Rx or Tx accessories are also included in the pack with any required antennae. The wires exit over the shoulder through a special glide making the entire process hands free and secure without encumbering the user. Entire backpack with all eye cams and battery pack accessories weighs less than 15 pounds and that includes the Rx and Tx equipment if wireless performance is required.














This back pack military design uniquely lends itself for field operations, made of waterproof material and including a variety of attachment points that makes the backpack an essential and welcome addition to the special teams.


Hooker Tactical/CGA contracts our design machining to exclusive US manufacturing.

Military camouflage is available.

When seeing is surviving.

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