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151 North Ridge Avenue, Suite 150,

Idaho Falls, ID  83402  USA


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147 South Idaho St., Arco, ID  83213


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208-716-8728 (cell phone)


Email:  support@htactic.com


Our Mission:


To become a leader in serving our military and law enforcement customers and helping them (with training and equipment) to be successful in their efforts to secure our communities with peace and safety worldwide.


About our location.


Our facilities are located in the high plateau of Southeastern Idaho. The surrounding arid desert gives way to rugged, snow-covered mountains rising sharply from the valley floor. Summers are hot and dry during the day with cool, windy nights. It is cold and desolate in the winter with deep snowfall and temperatures reaching 30 below.


The rugged terrain features and extreme conditions provide an excellent training area for military and law-enforcement  personnel.


The sparse population of the region provides additional benefits to training and testing beyond the terrain features. Night operations and night-vision testing are not hindered by excessive ambient light. Long-range ballistic testing can be done with no threat to the safety of local residents.


Why Idaho?


We chose to settle in this area to be able to better perform our business. The many types of rugged terrain make it a wonderful area for military and law-enforcement training.


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