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Precision Bullets (Inert Projectiles) and Ammunition

Hooker Tactical Safety & Defense Equipment, Inc. has precision lead-free bullets and ammunition for use by military and law enforcement customers who desire accuracy.

Our bullets are precision manufactured from quality copper alloy rod.  We are careful to make sure every bullet in a run is the same size, shape, and weight.  This assures the same accuracy shot-after-shot.  Our bullets are perfect for the professional shooter.

Match format Armor Piercing Glass Penetrators Target Resolution Long Range

1.      SHARDZ is a copper projectile or ammunition in .308 to .510 caliber for target resolution.

2.      GIDEON is a copper bullet or ammunition in .308, .338, and .375 caliber for long range use.

                                         GIDEON and SHARDZ are US Patent Pending

3.     BO/LD is a copper bullet or ammunition in .224 - .338 caliber for tactical use.

4.     KO/LD is a copper bullet or ammunition in .308 to .338 caliber for glass penetration.

5.     HT Ballistic Match bullets, or ammunition, in all calibers, are for accuracy in hitting a target. These match bullets are used in competition as well as by military and law enforcement sharpshooters.


       Professionally loaded Ammunition available.  Patents Applied for.



Match, Long Range



Glass Penetraters


 Calibers = .224, .308, .338, .375, .510, etc.

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